Fringe is working with a brand new studio in Montreal doing both VFX and CG Animated features.  This is a dynamic team, and a really fun environment.

The Effects Supervisor will supervise all aspects of Effects Simulations for the production. Oversee a team of effects artists and work closely with the Art Director and Visual Effects Supervisor to establish a look for the effects and simulations that fulfill the Director’s vision.

• Work with the effects team to establish workflow and procedures for the look and development of computer generated FX (simulations of natural phenomena, crowds/flocking, particle systems, procedural modeling and animation, hard and soft body dynamics and other similar effects.
•Provide overall show department leadership, including mentoring of artists.
• Participate in the creation of technical standards and conventions, including standards for directory structure, file and node naming and versioning
• Maintain functional parity between Look, Lighting, and FX
• Direct the continuing maintenance and streamlining of the FX process
• Develop and maintain portions FX bibles, specifically in relation to the technical implementation of pertinent characteristics
• Work closely with the Look and Lighting teams to ensure the successful collaboration, hand-off and execution of materials, light rigs, and effects
• Analyze cost implications of requests or changes and notify production of resource over-runs
•Give regular updates to the show leadership