Fringe is working with a well-known studio in Paris as they are looking for a CG Animation Producer who can work in both animated feature and animated tv series. They have several new, and very exciting projects to oversee.  Candidate must either be in Paris, or be willing to relocate once it’s safe to do so.  We are also partial to people who are fluent in both French and English.

The Producer’s objective is to enable the production of the project by matching the artistic intentions of the showrunner and the directors with the means allocated by the client,  and the studio. Its role is to accompany the artistic decision-makers in defining their intentions and therefore their needs and priorities, and to work with the technical and production teams to achieve them within the budget and schedule.

The Producer must be able to find solutions to meet the ambitions of the client and the directors within the allocated means: if this is not possible, she/he must be able to negotiate additional time or budget to meet them or be able to propose and set up alternative approaches.


  • Management of the overall budget and schedule and potential negotiations with the client, showrunner, directors and head of studio :
    • define the order of priority of the blocking issues
    • define the means allocated for specific cases
    • negotiate additional deadlines and budgets if necessary
  • Management of the global planning and possible negotiations with the client.
  • Monitoring of the Production Supervisors’ budgets and the global budget with the Financial Department (CFO + Cost Controlling).
  • Monitoring of the department schedules established and followed by the Production Supervisors.
  • Regular reporting on the budget, the schedule and the progress of the project to the studio management (internal) and the project management (LA + Paris).
  • Follow-up and various contractual negotiations with the client and/or employees and/or potential service providers.
  • Monitoring of the salary policy with the HR department and the Production Supervisors.


  • Aligning artistic, technical, logistic and organizational issues to make all interlocutors work as a team.
  • Follow-up of the elaboration and production of the episodes:
    • reading scripts, checking moodboards, viewing animatics, checking designs and key stages of production (layout, animation, important FX and compositing).
    • follow-up of artistic and technical exchanges between the Showrunner, the directors and the technical / production teams (CG sup and prod supervisors)
    • support / solutions / decision making in case of conflicts 


  • Communicate on the objectives and means of the project as well as on the priorities and make sure that they are respected by the different interlocutors:
    • Client / Showrunner
    • Production and technical teams
    • Studio Support Services
  • Co-management of the artistic managers of the project:
    • Artistic director
    • Director of animation
    • Episodic directors
  • Management of production and technical managers :
    • CG Sup
    • Production Supervisors x 4
  • Recurring meetings :
    • Production meetings Paris <> LAX
    • Artistic Management Meetings in Paris
    • Production Supervisors Meetings in Paris
    • Production Meetings Paris <> LAX
    • Cost control
    • Covid management meetings
  • Punctual participation, to be defined :
    • Departments’ supervisors’ meetings in Paris
    • Departments’ production team meetings in Paris
    • Finance and Administration Department in Paris
    • Facilities / IT & CTO
    • Budget call Paris <> LAX
    • Legal call Paris <> LAX

Hard skills :

Office and Google suite


Team management

Project Management

Customer Relationship

Bilingual English

Soft skills :

Quality of listening and communication

Ability to adapt

Team building

Hierarchical report: placed under the responsibility of the Studio’s General Management.

Functional reporting: reports to the Directors and to the Client / Showrunner.