The Nouva Podcast Featuring Debra Blanchard Knight

Debra Blanchard, owner of Fringe Talent was featured on the Nouva Podcast and was able to share her experience working as a recruiter in the Animation, VFX, Games & Theme entertainment industries. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Debra discusses how she began her career in recruiting and highlights a few milestones like working on the recruiter team for Dreamworks and Starz Animation!

The Nouva team asks about, the recruitment process, changes in the industry during the pandemic and why she loves finding new talent. Debra jokingly says “We all retire, eventually. So you’ve always got to have somebody new coming in.” This conversation provides insights for junior artists and professionals that are looking to advance their career.

Check out the full podcast episode and also visit Nouva website to learn more about their art of storytelling!

Fringe Talent