Fringe is working with a well known Animation College in Vancouver, Canada.  This is a great, full time job for someone looking to work with a fun team in a beautiful city.


Head of the Character Animation Program

The goal of the program is to train students to become entry level character animators. This 3D program teaches character animation using Maya, and the 2D program teaches character animation using Harmony.


  • 40 hours per week, split between in class and follow-up admin responsibilities.
  • 20 hours per week (average) in class mentoring and lecturing.
  • Prepare lesson plans to meet program goals and standards.
  • Deliver course curriculum using the most appropriate delivery method for the content being taught, i.e., lecture, demonstration, workshop or open lab, (including, but not limited to, power point presentations, slideshows, handouts, suggested or required reading, etc.).
  • Collaborate with faculty to strengthen course content and methods of delivery to maintain c industry standards.
  • Follow school guidelines for administrative responsibilities such as attendance and grading.
  • Provide input to HOD, where necessary, with regard to curriculum.
  • Attend school and department meetings.
  • Participate in promotional and industry networking activities as required.
  • Contribute to a nurturing learning environment by providing support, encouragement and constructive feedback to students in a professional manner.
  • Be available for student consultation.


  • Minimum 5 years of character animation experience – preferably some feature film experience.
  • Relevant certificate diploma or degree.
  • Strong understanding of animation principles and the ability to animate characters believably.
  • Strong understanding of animation studio workflow.
  • Strong communication skills, inspired motivated, and passionate about teaching.
  • Strong understanding of visual communication through storyboarding/editing/cinematography.
  • Confident working with 3D and 2D animation. We use Maya and Harmony.
  • Comfortable with Maya and/or Harmony, Premiere and Photoshop.
  • Instruct as required within the department; an average of 20 hours per week.
  • Provide curriculum input and planning to maintain top industry standards.
  • Highly organized and collaborative.